Destination wedding photographer Jordi Gilian

Hi there!

I’m a destination wedding photographer and storyteller based in a little town in the north of The Netherlands (Holland).

I love traveling. Food my love makes, sushi and Tony’s Chocolonely (if you don’t know this, google it and buy it!!) Dogs and a lot of stuff outdoors. Like snowboarding, surfing or strolling down the woods and the beach.

But the thing i love most these days, is my newborn son, Moos. This little dude is the raddest!

After Moos and my girlfriend, comes photography. I have been photographing for about 3 years now. I photographed before, when i was 17, but that faded. When it came back, being a wedding photographer wasn’t on my list. I thought it was too sweet, too airy, too bright.

One day on Instagram i came across some pictures of this photographer who i adore. And i felt the emotion and love in his pictures i never felt before. My heart skipped a beat.

Lets keep things real

These days i really love to tell stories. Real love stories. From beginning to end. Unveiling the real love that unfolds in front of me during the day. Documenting weddings has changed my idea of being human. We are celebrated, loved, encouraged. Love is the only real emotion.

I love working with people that have a laid-back approach to their wedding. We are working together to celebrate your love, your family and your friends. This is a collaboration between you and your love, my camera and you. I want my couples to trust me to capture the real versions of themselves. The last thing i want, is that your most important day feels like a photo shoot.

Shooting a wedding, elopement or loveshoot in Iceland or in Norway is on my bucket list. The beauty, roughness and purity of the landscapes are for me as the love between two people.

I dare you to contact me if you want me to tell your story. Or if you want to fulfill my bucketlist! But be aware, i will only tell about 20 stories a year.

And if you want some additional info, please read my FAQ.