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Best wedding photography of 2016

The year 2016 has already transitioned in 2017. For me, a great moment to look back on this year. The best wedding photography of 2016 by Jordi Gilian can be found below in the inserted video.

For me a very instructive year. Many people met during the Wolves Workshop. Deeply immersed in SEO and immediately applied to my new website.

Wolves Workshop 2016

Many of the people I met were participants at the 2016 Wolves Workshop at La Graciosa. An island just above Lanzerote, that you can only sail to. Many of the participants there were so incredibly good that I really wondered what they were doing there.

Participants such as Alfonso Flores, Christian Arévalo, Martijn Roos and many other very talented photographers from all over the world. And then I have not even mentioned the speakers of this workshop. Photographers, creatives and great inspirators that I learned a lot from. That is the main reason I write this blog. The best wedding photography of 2016 by Jordi Gilian Destination Wedding Photographer.

Of course this is not necessarily the best wedding photography of 2016. But it is for me. It was a fantastic year. With a surprise, that this year, 2017, I will go to the Wolves Workshop again. This time with at least as good a speaker and inspirers as 2016. Names like Jonas Peterson from Austrialie, India Earl from the United States, James Moes from the United States and Lukas Piatek from Germany. Lukas was also there last year. A very good and talented photographer who is the founder of Looks Like Film. A facebook group where people share photos. These photos have been edited in a way that looks like they were shot on … film.

Best wedding photography of 2016

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