Best wedding photography of 201725-05-2018

Best wedding photography of 2017

Although we are like half way through of 2018, i would love to show you my best wedding photography of 2017. I know, it is a little late, but a lot of extraordinary things has happen for me.

The birth of my son for example.
This little guy absorbs all my time and sometimes my energy as well. But, i get so much in return! Like right now, im writing this blog, Moos (my son) lays in front of me and is playing around with his hydrohpilic cloth making funny noises which is so funny!

Second website

Besides that i translated my english website to Dutch. Which is another domain. If you are dutch and want to read in Dutch, go here. The translation of my website took quite a while. I already had a website running on that domain, so i had to rebuild my Dutch website to match the English one. And since i still can’t buy time in the¬†grocery store, it took me a long time. But when i finished it, it was so rewarding. Now people can find me in Dutch, since that’s my native language, as well as in English.

Wolves Workshop

This year, just like the year before, i went to the Wolves Workshop. It was so good to meet all those people again. New people with new ideas, new creative minds. Creatives like Kim Heck (see the shoot i did with her and her boyfriend), Emanuel Klempa, Mick Habgood, Stefanie Fiegl, Wyat Taylor and Danielle Ciccone. But of course there where some from last year as well. Chris Parkinson, Sara Lincoln, Craig Hyde and Chris Zuger just to name a few. It was fun to see those creatives grown even more in their creativity.

Well without further ado, please enjoy my best wedding photography of 2017.

If you have any question afterwards, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

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