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Fuji firmware update

As you know, I completely love the Fuji X system. For anyone photographing with Fuji. Fuji comes with a crazy Fuji firmware update.
Fujifilm has a history when it comes to issuing firmware updates. These are each time of such a size that it looks like you have a new camera in your hands. Especially if you shoot with the X-T2 or the X-Pro2 I would certainly read through!

fuji firmware update

Fujifilm X-Pro2. Versie 4.00

Fujifilm X-Pro2. Version 4.00 Although this update does not come out until December. The list with additions to this already special camera is no less.

  • The possibility to film in 4K. Previously, this was not possible with this camera, but Fuji has been kind enough to provide his pro-sumer camera with this function, probably because it was requested by the supporters. And as we know Fuji, this is being listened to. When recording in 4K you can use the Fuji Film Simulations and you can record audio via an external microphone.
  • The support to photograph tethered via USB or WIFI. After you have the camera connected to a computer, you can use the software, which also comes later this year, Fujifilm X Acquire, photos that are made with the camera to the computer. And save these photos in specified folders. Updated autofocus algorithm. Moving subjects can be followed even better by the camera. This function will be twice as fast (!!). An autofocus measurement on smaller subjects twice as often.
  • Updated autofocus algorithm. Moving subjects can be followed even better by the camera. This function will be twice as fast (!!). And autofocus measurement on smaller subjects twice as often.
  • The support of Fujifilm X Raw Studio. After you have connected your X-Pro2 via USB to your computer, you can use Fujifilm X Raw studio to convert your Raw photos with the X Processor Pro of your camera. Because there is an incredibly fast and strong processor in the X-Pro2, you can indeed do this from the processor of your camera. Fujifilm X Raw Studio can be downloaded for free from the Fujifilm website.
  • The ability to store and share camera settings with your other Fuji photo cameras. So if you have 2 X-Pro2 devices, for example, you can transfer the settings from one to the other so that both devices behave the same.

Fujifilm X-T2. Versie 3.00

The fuji firmware update for the X-T2 does not come out until November. But is just as impressive as the X-Pro2.

  • Here too the new autofocus comes in. So also your X-T2 is twice as fast in the continuous focus mode.
  • The support for Fujifilm X Raw Studio. Via your X-T2 you can convert your Raw files without having to use the processor of your computer.
  • Improvements concerning the use of studio flash. Flash units using radio connections can then be controlled directly from the camera via the tranceiver of the manufacturer of these flash units. And can use TTL and Highspeed Sync.
  • And of course also the possibility to upload your camera settings from one X-T2 to your other and to have two identical devices that can be used exactly the same.

So we have to wait for this firmware update. But I think it’s worth waiting twice.

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