Industrial Bohemian WeddingEva & Ferry23-03-18

Industrial Bohemian Wedding

When i got the offer from Eva to capture their industrial bohemian wedding, i didn’t hesitate, at all! Since i already knew the couple for several years, knowing their attitude and style i knew this one would be a killer. So i immediately said yes to them.

The reason she wanted me to capture their wedding day, is because she really liked my dark and moodier style of photography. So she send me a Pinterest moodboard and asked me if i could relate to it. I loved what she send me.

Wedding day

23th of March 2018 it was their big day. Industrial Bohemian Wedding day! When i arrived early in the morning and parked my car in front of the door, it was already open. I saw that Daphne, their makeup artist also just arrived.
We chatted about what they expected from this day and in the meantime i was strolling around the house photographing details. And they had a lot of details. I can easily make an entire post about their house, it’s so epic!

Ferry had left their house and was polished at the barbershop. While Daphne was busy with Eva, her witnesses arrived. They came with all kinds of presents for that day. A jar filled with ‘who knows what’, liquor and even more liquor. This could only be a good day.

After both Eva & Ferry where ready, their bridal car cruised down the street. An old Mercedes Benz. It totally fits them.

Photo session

Before the industrial bohemian wedding took place, we first went to Bergen aan Zee for a small shoot. When we arrived we managed to shoot a few pictures before it started to rain. As a result we went back to Alkmaar to the Ringers factory to do a industrial shoot there.
In addition we had two great photography sessions spots. Seems like the pictures came out very nice.

I encourage you to watch the video and the photographs. If you have any question afterwards please don’t hesitate to contact me. And if you want to see more stories, please go to my blog.



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The morning after…


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