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I am often asked the same questions by interested couples. You will find many of these questions below:


Do we get the photos in the highest possible resolution?

Hell yes! You get the photos of the wedding photography in the highest possible resolution. When I deliver them to you, you can print them in large format and hang them above your bed or in the corridor.


Do we get our photos in black and white?

Yes! You get a mix of photos. Some are in color, some in black and white and others in both color and black / white. This is because I can not always determine which photo looks better, the one in color or the one in black and white. So i leave that up to you guys.


Do we also get the unedited photos?

Unfortunately you do not get that. But if there is a good reason for it (and I mean a very good reason) you can always contact me. Now you wonder why I do not send unedited photos. This is because I strongly believe that my way of photographing and editing the photos strengthens my brand name. And unedited photos do not contribute to that.


When will we see our photos?

I understand that you are enthusiastic and want to see your photos, but believe me, I am just as excited to show you the final product. You can expect the photos 4 to 5 weeks after your wedding.


Do we meet before we get married?

If you live in the Benelux, you can certainly do that. If you come from somewhere else, it is of course difficult. But the world via Skype has become quite small. That is always possible.



Do you also make formal family photos at our wedding?

That is entirely up to you as a bridal couple. For some people it is very important because there are family members who you may not see after your marriage. This can be for many different reasons. So if it is important to you, I am happy to record these people. And I can tell you that the number of times I have not photographed formal family portraits during a wedding can be counted on one hand.


Do you work alone or does a second photographer join?

I usually shoot alone. But if the wedding is large, or the bride and groom prepare themselves at different locations, it may be useful and sometimes even necessary to have a second photographer. Because it’s nice to see from each other how the morning went before you gave each other the ‘yes’ word, right? In such cases I have a large network of enthusiastic photographers, based in the Netherlands and abroad, who seem to be fantastic at documenting your wedding day.


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