Love shoot, AmsterdamKim & Markus18-01-18

A loveshoot in Amsterdam

I wanted to do a loveshoot in Amsterdam. It was a few weeks before i went to the Wolves Workshop at La Graciosa. All the attendees were added in a private Facebook group in which i dropped a request if someone was in Amsterdam and was able to do a loveshoot. Kim responded and was living and studying in Amsterdam. Her boyfriend Markus came over and she really wanted to meet, drink some coffee and do a little shoot.

We met in a little coffeebar in the hart of Amsterdam, de Pijp. At the edge of the Sarphatipark we had a coffee and chatted about how the week at the Wolves would be like. Because i have been there last year, i told Kim about how it was. Which speakers there where, what i have learned and of course what to expect for this year. And we also talked about gear of course. What brand we shot with, what we liked, and disliked. I told her I shoot with Fuji and she was quite impressed by the look and feel of the X-T2.

The vibe between the three of us was so good and relaxt that we almost forgot about the time. Therefore we went outside, walked into the Sarphatipark and i started shooting.

Here you can enjoy the loveshoot in Amsterdam. If you have any questions or want some information, feel free to contact me.

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