Loveshoot in AntwerpLaura & Robin30-03-17

Loveshoot in Antwerp

I read a message from Laura via a private Facebook group. Who could photograph a loveshoot in Antwerp. The private face book group has quite a few members, but I thought I would just try it. Reasonably smoothly I got a message from Laura that my style appealed to her very much and that she wanted to do the loveshoot in Antwerp with me.
After having sent messages back and forth we arrived on 30 March. Normally I always want to meet with the couple to get to know each other. But since Laura and Robin came from Belgium and I came from the head of North Holland, that was not really an option.

On March 30, around two o’clock, I left for Antwerp. I arrived there four hours later. Nice in time to photograph Laura and Robin against sunset at their chosen location. After getting acquainted, I quickly found out that this evening would go well. What a very sweet couple, what beautiful people!
After looking at the location, we decided to start. I had already explained how I would work via Facebook. That also appealed to Laura very much and was therefore familiar with my way of working.

View the photos of this loveshoot in Antwerp below. If you see what you like, i would love to tell your story.


Loveshoot in AntwerpLoveshoot in Antwerp with this sweet couple. Loveshoot in Antwerp with a couple from Belgium sunset at a loveshoot in Antwerp

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