Destination wedding photographer Jordi Gilian


Hi there! Beautiful strangers! I am so happy you guys made it here. Now it’s up to me. I have about 3 seconds to keep you focused on my website, which, if you came this far reading, has already passed. But hold on, i want to introduce myself, hoping you guys will do too. My name is Jordi a destination wedding photographer. I am a father and a friend. And I love telling stories. The story about your wedding day for example. In my world, love is the only thing real. I am capturing yours by telling your story, the small things, the awkward things. It comes in all shapes and sizes. Weddings are amazing celebrations. Days filled with smiles of pure joy and laughter, but also with tears of luck and positive emotions. It’s all about these emotional moments, these real genuine, loving and fun emotions, that result from the significance the day inherently carries. Capturing these moments and creating memories for future generations is what i do. There’s not much else more rewarding and humbling than having the opportunity of creating something beautiful with you, beautiful strangers, on your best day. So, please tell me your story! Say hi to me!
destination wedding photographer