Rural Wedding, PuttenAnnemiek & Paul08-07-17

A rural wedding

The rural wedding of Annemiek & Paul took place in Putten. Early in the morning at 09.00 I had agreed to be with Paul in Eemnes. In their joint house he would prepare for their big day. When we arrived there it turned out that we had to be at Paul’s parental home. This was also a bit further in Eemnes. As it was raining and Paul was about to go to his parents, he could ride nicely with me in the car. When we arrived at his parents it was still raining but the prospects were more than fine. Not too hot, dry with occasional sun. The wedding car had just been delivered. An old Alfa Romeo Spider, what a classic!

Before Paul could get dressed, some things had to be finished. Some things had been left for some time because of the rain. Like adorning the garden with Paul’s parents, where lunch was going to be held. Paul first decided to eat a sandwich and take a cup of coffee before he could prepare for his rural wedding in Putten.

After getting dressed and finding the right socks to match his suit, Paul stepped into the Alfa. On to his upcoming.

A rural wedding in Putten

When we arrived in Putten Paul would see Annemiek for the first time in her dress. She was breathtaking. After having admired each other it was time to drive back to Eemnes to have lunch in the garden of Paul’s parents. The garden looked so good, and the food was fantastic! Yes, the photographers and videographers where also taken care off.

After lunch it was time for the photo shoot. We drove towards the lock of Eemnes to shoot some photos in a small wooded area. We had about 15 minutes for this. Because the ceremony was about to start so we had to go back to Putten, the parental home of Annemiek.

While the guests had taken a seat on the straw bales, Paul hit a Solex. Straight through the country. Crazy!! It had not been expected, despite that there was a special parking space for the Solex, which was indicated on a sign.

For the further course of this day you have to view the pictures below. Enjoy it and if you have any questions after seeing this national wedding, please feel free to contact me.

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