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X-mount lensesFuji Lenses22-10-2017

Fuji Lenses
Fuji lenses As you know, I switched from my Canon 5D Mark III with Canon and Sigma lenses to Fuji with the corresponding Fuji lenses. This amazing range of lenses ensured that, partly because of the image quality, I wanted to make a list of available lenses with corresponding specifications such as filter size, weight and for example size. Here the complete overview [...]

KaizenFuji firmware update10-09-2017

Fuji firmware update
Fuji firmware update As you know, I completely love the Fuji X system. For anyone photographing with Fuji. Fuji comes with a crazy Fuji firmware update. Fujifilm has a history when it comes to issuing firmware updates. These are each time of such a size that it looks like you have a new camera in your hands. Especially if you shoot with the X-T2 or the X-Pro2 I woul[...]

Best of 2016Jordi Gilian Destination Wedding Photographer23-01-2017

Jordi Gilian Destination Wedding Photographer
Best wedding photography of 2016 The year 2016 has already transitioned in 2017. For me, a great moment to look back on this year. The best wedding photography of 2016 by Jordi Gilian can be found below in the inserted video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kySW-o6NcaQ&t=11s For me a very instructive year. Many people met during the Wolves Workshop. Deeply imme[...]