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Best of 2016Jordi Gilian Destination Wedding Photographer23-01-2017

Jordi Gilian Destination Wedding Photographer
Best wedding photography of 2016 The year 2016 has already transitioned in 2017. For me, a great moment to look back on this year. The best wedding photography of 2016 by Jordi Gilian can be found below in the inserted video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kySW-o6NcaQ&t=11s For me a very instructive year. Many people met during the Wolves Workshop. Deeply imme[...]

La Graciosa, Canarische EilandenThe Wolves Workshop06-11-2016

The Wolves Workshop
The Wolves Workshop About a month ago I had the opportunity to participate in The Wolves Workshop. This would take place at La Graciosa, a small island above Lanzerote. I came into contact with this workshop for the first time through a photographer, Benj Haisch, whom I follow on Instagram. He would give a workshop with other wedding photographers from America. At[...]