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Beach Wedding, EnkhuizenSharon & Jos21-07-2017

Sharon & Jos
Beach wedding Sharon & Jos. A fun and loving couple from Medemblik. Medemblik is a small village by the sea. They both had the desire of a beach wedding. It was a friday morning around 10 am i arrived at Jos place. He opened the door on his flip flops. When i saw that, i knew it would be an incredible day. Seems like he looked so relaxt and laid back. Jos was [...]

Rural Wedding, PuttenAnnemiek & Paul08-07-17

Annemiek & Paul
A rural wedding The rural wedding of Annemiek & Paul took place in Putten. Early in the morning at 09.00 I had agreed to be with Paul in Eemnes. In their joint house he would prepare for their big day. When we arrived there it turned out that we had to be at Paul's parental home. This was also a bit further in Eemnes. As it was raining and Paul was about to go to[...]

Best of 2016Jordi Gilian Destination Wedding Photographer23-01-2017

Jordi Gilian Destination Wedding Photographer
Best wedding photography of 2016 The year 2016 has already transitioned in 2017. For me, a great moment to look back on this year. The best wedding photography of 2016 by Jordi Gilian can be found below in the inserted video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kySW-o6NcaQ&t=11s For me a very instructive year. Many people met during the Wolves Workshop. Deeply imme[...]

La Graciosa, Canarische EilandenThe Wolves Workshop06-11-2016

The Wolves Workshop
The Wolves Workshop About a month ago I had the opportunity to participate in The Wolves Workshop. This would take place at La Graciosa, a small island above Lanzerote. I came into contact with this workshop for the first time through a photographer, Benj Haisch, whom I follow on Instagram. He would give a workshop with other wedding photographers from America. At[...]

Landgoed Duinlust, OverveenLinda & Rens10-06-2016

Linda & Rens
Trouwlocatie Landgoed Duinlust in Overveen Voor Linda en Rens was de grote dag op 10 juni 2016. Het huwelijksbootje instappen en elkaar het 'jawoord' geven. De trouwlocatie was een fantastische. Namelijk trouwlocatie Landgoed Duinlust in Overveen. Wat een geweldige locatie. Dit landgoed ligt in het hart van het Nationaal Park Zuid-Kennemerland. En dat is te merken oo[...]

Het Hof, BergenDenise & Bart18-09-2015

Denise & Bart
Traditional wedding in Bergen September 18th 2015. The big day for Denise & Bart. Make a vow and promise to support each other. This traditional wedding took place at the Court in Bergen. Bergen is a small town in the North of the Netherlands. Wedding location the Court in Bergen The location was one of its finest, wedding location het Hof in Bergen. And perf[...]