Het Hof, BergenDenise & Bart18-09-2015

Traditional wedding in Bergen

September 18th 2015. The big day for Denise & Bart. Make a vow and promise to support each other. This traditional wedding took place at the Court in Bergen. Bergen is a small town in the North of the Netherlands.

Wedding location the Court in Bergen

The location was one of its finest, wedding location het Hof in Bergen. And perfect for a traditional wedding. This gracious country house is surrounded by open nature. The ancient estate with its own organic vegetable garden offered all possibilities for the special day of Denise and Bart. Everything that was served at the buffet was grown in the vegetable garden. A fantastic party location.
Situated on an idyllic estate in artists’ village Bergen, a wedding and party location with culture, nature, art and gastronomy is the most important starting point.
The Hof is an ancient estate that is listed as a monument.

The day started at Denise’s home. The bride was just helped with her dress and went into the makeup. I have rarely experienced such a relaxed bride. Not a care in the world and she had everything under control, or she had full confidence in her wedding planner.

Bart arrived around two o’clock in the afternoon in a fantastic old white Rolls Royce to pick up his bride and then drive to the wedding venue the Hof in Bergen. The ceremony would take place there. It was a beautiful day, an excellent day to capture the love between these two beautiful people.

bruiloft-bart-denise_locatie-het-hof-bergen001diptych-jordigilianbruiloft-bart-denise_locatie-het-hof-bergen003 bruiloft-bart-denise_locatie-het-hof-bergen004bruiloft-bart-denise_locatie-het-hof-bergen007 bruiloft-bart-denise_locatie-het-hof-bergen009 traditional weddingdiptych-jordigilian2bruiloft-bart-denise_locatie-het-hof-bergen012 diptych-jordigilian3A traditional wedding at the Court in Bergen. Trouwlocatie het Hof in Bergen. Wat een fantastische feestlocatie.bruiloft-bart-denise_locatie-het-hof-bergen019Traditional wedding in Bergen bruiloft-bart-denise_locatie-het-hof-bergen016 Trouwlocatie het Hof in Bergen. Een gracieus landhuis.bruiloft-bart-denise_locatie-het-hof-bergen021 bruiloft-bart-denise_locatie-het-hof-bergen022 On the balcony of the Court in Bergen. A traditional wedding. bruiloft-bart-denise_locatie-het-hof-bergen024 Trouwlocatie het Hof in Bergen. Alles uit eigen moestuin.diptych-jordigilian5bruiloft-bart-denise_locatie-het-hof-bergen028

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