Wedding location the Ruiterhuys, BakkumRianne & Daan23-06-17

Wedding location Het Ruiterhuys

Rianne & Daan both come from Alkmaar, but wanted to get married at wedding location the Ruiterhuys, a small town near the beach. This beautifully situated estate is located in Bakkum. It was the first time I was at this party location, but this is a great place to give a wedding party. What a warm atmosphere!

First of all I want to thank Rianne & Daan for this fantastic opportunity they have given me. I hope the pictures will please you.

The day began with the preparation and dressing of the bride, Rianne. At the same time, Daan also started his big day. After both had dressed, it was time for Daan to pick up his future wife. But not before driving past the flower shop in Heerhugowaard to pick up the wedding bouquet. Assuming that the bridal bouquet was ready, Daan thought to walk in and out. That was a bit different than planned. The wedding bouquet was made a little nicer than it already was and very nice packed. Despite the ‘stress’ they had time, since their planning was very well put together.

Upon arrival of their house, where Rianne was ready, he picked up his future wife. To drive from there to the Geestmerambacht for a first photo shoot. What a relaxed couple this. We have been able to walk around in this piece of nature and can make very nice pictures. Partly because it was slightly cloudy, the contrast in the photos is very soft.


Before we went to the wedding location the Ruiterhuys and after the photo shoot in the Geestmerambacht we left for Alkmaar for the ceremony in the town hall on the Langestraat. The official part was very nice done by the wedding official. What a nice woman! When this was over, it was time to get some ice cream at the main squaret and walk through the old city to finally get in the car again via the Waagplein. On to the wedding location the Ruiterhuys in Bakkum!

For the further course of this day, view the photos below. Enjoy and be inspired.

After seeing this reportage, are you interested and do you want to know more? Please contact me.

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