La Graciosa, Canarische EilandenThe Wolves Workshop06-11-2016

The Wolves Workshop

About a month ago I had the opportunity to participate in The Wolves Workshop. This would take place at La Graciosa, a small island above Lanzerote.

I came into contact with this workshop for the first time through a photographer, Benj Haisch, whom I follow on Instagram. He would give a workshop with other wedding photographers from America. At first I assumed that this would take place in the United States. So the interest disappeared, because here a reasonable cost would hang.

At one point I came across The Wolves Workshop again, now with Pablo Beglez. I also saw that he organized the workshop and decided to dive into it anyway. I found out that it would take place on La Graciosa, an island above Lanzerote. This created opportunities and I decided to register immediately.

Unfortunately. It was full and I was on the reserve list. I had little confidence that this would turn out to be okay, but somewhere in April of 2016 I suddenly received an email with the bank details of someone on Gran Canaria. At first I was skeptical, but I nevertheless made the down payment. From this moment it was certain, I went to The Wolves Workshop !!

Experience The Wolves Workshop

On November 6th 2016 I boarded the plane. I knew I had a lot to learn during The Wolves Workshop. But after I had met about 60 photographers from around the world, I felt like I did not know anything. I did not have this feeling alone. Some photographers have been in the wedding photography business for 8 years and had the same feeling. Not surprising when you see photographers like Ben Sasso, The Kitcheners, Dylan M. Howell, The Couple of Prague, Christian Watson of 1924.us and of course Pablo Beglez at work.

The speakers and photographers gave us an insight into their workflow, how they dealt with social media and the couples that were photographed. They gave us tips and tricks about how to best deal with couples, and how they approached the whole day. This all happened in a very tightly organized environment.

In the morning at 10 o’clock we were expected in the church on the island. There we got a presentation of about 4 hours. You were free from 2 pm until 5 pm. From 17.00 to 20.00 we went out to photograph. Then we had free time until about 22.00 and the bonfire night started, where again a speaker would tell his story. After the bonfire night it was time to have a drink and exchange stories with each other.

This went on all week. After this week I had the feeling as if I absorbed a whole school year of information into this one epic week! So very instructive and meaningful. And i met so many, crazy new people. Who i all adore.

The Wolves Workshop, thank you for your life. See you next year!


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